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10 things you should know about me

1. Problem Solving

Most real estate transactions have issues, just ask any broker or client.  When a problem comes up in one of my transactions, I’ve probably dealt with it before, and if I haven’t, I have the resources and experience to figure out how it can be solved.

2. Courage

Here’s my mantra:  “If you’re not willing to ask the question, the answer is probably no”.  The truth is your outcome in a real estate transaction is always tied to you agent’s ability to ask for what she wants.  I always ask.

3. Experience

Lots of agents have experience, but not all know how to use it to their client’s benefit.  A truly experience agent will always focus on two things for the client:  saving them time and money.

4.  Rapport

Building strong relationships with other agents is one of the most important skills any agent can have in this market.  My ability to build rapport with the other side of a transaction helps my clients get what they want, stand out from their competition, and compete in multiple offer situations.

5. Humor

Whether you’re moving, buying, selling, or just trying close a transaction, there’s usually a level of stress in every deal.  One of the things my clients tell me they like about working with me is that I can keep it light when needed.  It helps.

6. Investor

As a real estate investor, I know that the owner’s relationship with the property actually begins the day the broker leaves.  I have the training and experience to help my clients make the right decisions about buying, holding and selling real estate held as an investment.

7. Local

I was raised in the NW and I’ve lived in western Washington most of my life.  I know the little things that make the big difference when making a long-term decision about which community is best for you from traffic patterns to the best festivals and events, to the right school district for your children.

8. Relocation

Moving sucks, I get it.  I’ve been a military wife, I’ve lived on both coasts, I’ve packed up my whole live and moved across the country.  I’ve lived the questions, the answers, and the stressors.  I can help.

9. Education

Real estate is dynamic, not static.  To stay current requires continual education.  I’m a graduate of Western Washington University, but I regularly attend professional development courses to keep my skills fresh and current.  I’m also an instructor.

10.  Full time

Real estate is a business where you can work part time and get away with it.  For me, being a fulltime agent is the best way to represent my clients.  I’m in the market everyday watching, listening and searching.  The only way I succeed is when my clients succeed.